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Shoulder Classifications

Medical Education
Shoulder Classifications
Shoulder ClassificationsShoulder Classifications
AC Joint ClassificationsAC Joint Classifications
Acromion ClassificationsAcromion Classifications
Biceps anchor / SLAP classificationsBiceps anchor / SLAP classifications
Biceps tendon classificationsBiceps tendon classifications
Calcific Tendonitis ClassificationsCalcific Tendonitis Classifications
Clavicle ClassificationsClavicle Classifications
Frozen Shoulder ClassificationsFrozen Shoulder Classifications
Glenohumeral Arthritis ClassificationsGlenohumeral Arthritis Classifications
Labrum (instability) ClassificationsLabrum (instability) Classifications
Proximal Humerus Fracture ClassificationsProximal Humerus Fracture Classifications
Rotator Cuff ClassificationsRotator Cuff Classifications
Scapula Fracture ClassificationsScapula Fracture Classifications
Subacromial Impingement classificationsSubacromial Impingement classifications

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Acromion Classifications

  1. Acromion morphology: Bigliani Classification
  2. Acromion morphology based on sagittal oblique MRI: Epstein Classification
  3. Os Acromiale Types: Liberson
  4. Types of scapular notch: Rengachary

Acromion morphology: Bigliani Classification

Type 1: Flat, 17%
Type 2: Curved, 43%
Type 3: Hooked, 40%


Acromion morphology based on sagittal oblique MRI: Epstein Classification

Epstien R E et al, Radiology,187: 479-481, 1993

Type 1- flat
Type2- smoothly curved
Type 3- hooked


Os Acromiale Types: Liberson
Lieberson F, JBJS 19:683-689, 1937

Incidence 1.4%
Type1: non-union between meso and meta acromion (typical os acromiale)
Type 2: non-union between pre and meso acromion
Type 3: non-union between pre and meso as well as meta acromion
Type 4: non-union between pre and meso acromion, meso and meta acromion as well as meta and basi acromion


Types of scapular notch: Rengachary
Rengachary et al, Neurosurgery, 5:447-451, 1979

Type 1: No notch, 8%
Type 2: blunted ‘V’ shape, 31%
Type 3: symmetrical ‘U’ shape, 48%
Type 4: small , narrow ‘V’ shape, 3%
Type 5: Type 3 but with ossified medial part of ligament, 6%
Type 6: Completely ossified bony foramen, 4%


towards the centre of the body; inwards
A tough band of connective tissue that connects two bones to each other. "Ligament" is a fitting term; it comes from the Latin "ligare" meaning "to bind or tie."

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