Shoulder Therapy iPhone Apps

The Shoulderdoc Shoulder Therapy Rehabilitation companion Apps are designed for use by therapists with their patients.
There are two Apps, one for the patient and on for the therapist. Therapists should install the ShoulderTherapist App and the patient should install the ShoulderPatient App only.
The therapist can create a profile for each individual patient or standard set of exercises. This is done by selecting an exercise and clicking the blue '+' icon. The number of repetitions and hold-times are selected and the exercise is then added to that profile.
Details on each exercise is in the Exercise section with colour codes for the level of intensities. These are explained in the Info section. Once a profile is created it is then transfered by Bluetooth to the patient's iPhone where the patient can see their daily exercise program. The patient will also get reminders when to perform the exercises. 

Download the Apps free from iTunes:

 ShoulderTherapist App
- For Therapists only - to create a Profile of exercises for their patient.

 ShoulderPatient App
- For Patient only (requires therapist to have ShoulderTherapist)

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