Calcific Tendinitis

'Chronic Shoulder Pain'
Calcific Tendinitis & Subacromial Impingement

Mrs Ann Swannell, 2004

 "I started with severe pain in my right arm, mainly the bicep and shoulder. The pain was indescribable, but to try to relate, it was like a Chinese burn feels but more severe and longer lasting.

All this started around 30 months ago, the pain came on doing simple movements such as reaching into a floor standing fridge. The bending down and twisting of the arm brought on the pain instantly, then came the movement restrictions, I could not put my arm behind my back above waist level.

After the first year my left arm started going the same way.

I went to my G.P. who thought it could be frozen shoulder, ibuprofen and other inflammatory tablets were prescribed, to which I got no relief. I then went to a physiotherapist who after many sessions could not give me any respite, referred me to Dr James Brown. Dr Brown gave me tests and steroid injections every 3 months together with acupuncture for over a year but this gave little relief and no advancement of movement, I could not even fasten a bra in the normal way.

Frustration was setting in and Dr Brown referred me to Mr Len Funk at the Oaklands Hospital in Salford, Mr Funk was a specialist in shoulder surgery involving keyhole methods.

Mr Funk operated on both my shoulders, first my right, then 4 weeks later my left

He removed the calcium deposits and reshaped the spur bone. The operation consisted of 2 tiny holes in my shoulder, which did not even require stitches, under general anaesthetic. I was operated on and went home the same day, although you can stay overnight if you wish.

I could not wait to have the operations done because my consultation with Mr Funk satisfied me that I would regain full movement back into my shoulders.

I had the first shoulder done in late February 2004 and the second one on March 23rd.

After the operation you wear a soft sling for 2-3 days and I personally had little pain from the operations, with just a slight feeling of bruising where the keyhole surgery took place.

I may have been lucky but a knowledgeable and skilful surgeon has done a great job for me. I resumed swimming after 2 weeks and played golf after 4 weeks.

I am yet to have physio but already I have great pain reduction and more movement and things will only get better now.

I would recommend this procedure with Mr Funk to anyone having shoulder pain and if anyone would like talk to me more about the operation I would be pleased to oblige through Mr Funk. "  

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