One Stop Frozen Shoulder Clinic

Authors: Emma Torrance, Michael Walton and Lennard Funk

The Arm Clinic have been offering a One-Stop Frozen Shoulder Clinic in The Wilmslow Hospital at 52 Alderley Road since 2014.  With an experienced in-house radiological imaging department, patients are now able to have hydrodilatation treatment on the same day as their outpatient appointment.

Since The Arm Clinic moved to The Wilmslow Hospital, 71% of patients requiring a hydrodilatation procedure for frozen shoulder were treated on the same day as their clinic appointment.  If the patient did not want, or was not able to be seen on that day, the average waiting time was 4.5 days.  The waiting time on the NHS is over 3 weeks. The proportion of patients having a one-stop experience is increasing, with 83% of patients in March being treated on the same day. This has been very well received by our busy local patients and convenient for patients travelling from far.

With a hydrodilation, a small amount of contrast material is injected into the joint which allows the procedure to show up on an imaging device. The injected fluid can be seen to expand the joint and sometimes flow out of the joint in a particular direction. The hydrodilatation procedure is thought to disrupt adhesions (scar tissue), thereby opening or freeing up the joint allowing improved range of movement.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, takes about 15 minutes to complete and the patient goes home immediately afterwards. The procedure appears to be safe with transient pain during and after the procedure being the most common complaint. 

So far, the results of The Arm Clinic’s one stop treatments have been excellent; with 96% of patients being discharged after the 6 week review appointment.  

Longer term studies by The Arm Clinic have shown a statistically significant improvement in patient satisfaction with their shoulder, increasing from 2/10 to 9/10, two years after hydrodilatation.  Shoulder outcome assessments also highlight a significant functional improvement in range of movement and quality of life. 

You can find more information regarding the hydrodilatation procedure here

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