Joint and soft-tissue injection. A useful adjuvant to systemic and local treatment.

Authors: Genovese MC

References: Postgrad Med, 103(2):125-34 1998 Feb

Joint and soft-tissue injection can augment systemic and local conservative treatment and have long-lasting benefits. Inflammatory and crystalline arthritis, synovitis, tendinitis, bursitis, and many other conditions respond well to injection. Corticosteroid preparations should be chosen on the basis of solubility and potency desired and the size of structure to be injected. Injections should not be made directly into a ligament or tendon and should be limited to every third or fourth month. With attention to the usual cautions required with corticosteroid use and avoidance of contraindications (e.g., bacteremia, fracture), injection is usually safe and effective, particularly as a bridging technique to long-term therapy.


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