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Review Articles

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Educational Booklets

  1. Shoulder & Elbow Surgery Handbook - L Funk, K Roney, N Kelly - ISBN: 978-0-9561396-3-4
  2. Shoulder Exercise Book - L Funk, K Tatlow, C Leftley, J Gibson -
  3. Shoulder Ultrasound Book- L Funk, J Brown, T Bunker, J Leddy, J Harris - ISBN: 978-0-9561396-1-0
  4. Orthopaedic Clinical Examination Book- A Gupta & L Funk - ISBN 978-0-9561396-2-7
  5. JG Bradley, GS Radcliffe, L Funk  - Primary Total Hip Replacement via an Antero-Lateral Approach - Training Brochure for visiting Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Research Dissertation

Development of a Physiological Mechanical model of the Tibia for testing Intramedullary Fixation Devices - towards MSc Orthopaedic Engineering, 1997.

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