Posterior Capsular Stretch

Sleeper Stretch

Lie directly on affected shoulder with head well supported by pillows.  Slide your arm up to 90 (level with collar bone) and bend your elbow to 90.  Bend your knees up to keep you stable lying on your side.
Place the hand of the unaffected side just below wrist of affected side
and slowly push the forearm down towards the bed/ floor.  Make sure that you keep the elbow bent at 90 and you keep the upper arm level with the collar bone throughout the stretch.  You may need to place a small rolled up towel below the upper arm to act as a block preventing movement towards the body (see diagram).  Throughout the stretch you must ensure that you remain directly on the shoulder as it is common to roll backwards onto the shoulder blade.
Maintain the stretch for at least 30 seconds and it should be held at an intensity that you find mildly uncomfortable.  During this 30 second period the intensity of the stretch may lessen as the muscles relax, gently push the forearm further down to maintain stretch but keep within your own level of tolerance.
After 30 seconds, upon release, gently push the affected arm into the
unaffected hand gently resisting the movement back to the starting position.

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