Arthroscopic Stabilisation

Arthroscopic Shoulder Stabilisation (Bankart Repair)



The Bankart lesion is reattached to the Glenoid, combined with a capsular shift. These are reattached with biodegradable anchors and sutures. Usually this is done through two small incisions (one posterior and one anterior). The anterior incision is 8mm size and closed with a subcutaneous dissolving suture (monocryl). A sling is applied with a bodybelt. The sling must be worn for 6 weeks – 3 weeks under clothes wit the bodybelt, then 3 weeks outside of clothes with the bodybelt removed. They may return to light activities and driving 6 weeks post-op and contact sports 3 months post-op.



  • Stabilise shoulder joint & prevent further dislocations
  • Relieve pain associated with instability



Redislocation - The general redislocation rate is 2% overall, but this may exceed 5% if they are a contact sportsman, under 25, male, hyperlax, have a bony Bankart lesion or large Hill-Sachs lesion.

Complications <1%:


Alternative Treatments:

Physiotherapy and reducing activity level – however most patients will have failed non-operative management before coming to surgery.

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