Applying External Rotation Sling

The External Rotation braces can be difficult to apply. The most popular current brace is the Donjoy Ultrasling ER 

Application Video

 Step 1
a) Unfasten the Velcro straps at the forearm and wrist positions on the outside of the sling.
b) Insert arm into the sling resting the cusion on your hip. Place your arm as far back as possible in the sling and the thumb strap between the thumb and first finger.
c) Reattach both the forearm and wrist straps on top of the sling to secure the arm.

 Step 2
Align cushion on the injured side at waist level with the ball (front) away from your body. Place the cushion so the line on top of the cushion is parallel to the front of your body (If you stand at a table, the line should be parallel to the table).

Step 3
a) Bring waist strap around from the back of the cushion around your waist, inserting into and ataching to the front buckle.
b) Adjust waist strap for proper fit.

 Step 4
Unfasten the shoulder strap buckle at the front of the cushion. Using your free arm, reach behind your body and slip your arm through the shoulder strap. This motion will be similar to putting on a backpack, with the wide strap on the collarbone and the thin pad in the underarm area.

 Step 5
Reattach the shoulder strap to the buckle at the front of the cushion.

 Step 6
Adjust all straps for adequate stabilisation of the injured shoulder.



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