Shoulder Dislocation Lesions

Bankart lesion is the most common injury sustained with traumatic dislocation, but other injuries can occur. These may alter the surgery and rehabilitation. These injuries can usually be diagnosed on an MR-Arthrogram or CT-Arthrogram.
These injuries are:

  1. Bankart Tear - Tear of the antero-inferior glenoid labrum
  2. ALPSA lesion - (Anterior Labral Periosteal Sleeve Avulsion) a displacedBankart tear, where the labrum has displaced around the glenoid neck. This is associated with a higher risk of recurrent instability than an undisplacedBankart tear. - ALPSA lesion at arthroscopy
  3. Perthes Lesion - a variation of the Bankart lesion, where the scapula periosteum is lifted and stripped medially with the detached anterior labrum.
  4. GLAD Lesion - Glenoid Labral Articular Defect = Bankart tear with osteochondral defect.
  5. HAGL tear - (Humeral Avulsion of Glenohumeral ligament
  6. Bony Bankartt - a fragment of bone breaks off with the Bankart tear - Bony Bankart at arthroscopy
  7. Hill-Sachs lesion - a dent in the back of the humeral head which occurs during the dislocation as the humeral head impacts against the front of the glenoid.
  8. SLAP Tear - a tear at the top of the labrum


Bankart Tear ALPSA Lesion Perthes Lesion GLAD Lesion Bony Bankart

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