Lat Dorsi Transfer Rehab

Robert Conlon


  • ROM Exercises
  • Maximise shoulder strength of deltoid and scapula stabilisers.
Immediate post op
  • Sling/brace check ensure supported position and not tensioned repair 
  • Wear at all times other than hygiene and exercises for 3 weeks
1 - 3weeks
  • Wear at all times other than hygiene and exercises
  • Posture advice 
  • Peripheral active ROM, low velocity closed chain flexion and abduction within safe zone (eg table slides)
  • Scapula stability
  • Level 1 Exercises in safe zone
3-6 weeks
  • Week 3 start to reduce sling support remove ext. rot wedge if used
  • Continue with closed chain exercises
  • Encourage scapula mobility facilitation/hold-relax
  • Have feel at joint play tissue tension and start to encourage gentle stretches to flx abd lat rot horizontal add
  • Gentle ext rot activity encouraged
  • Advice on scar tissue management if required
  • Level 2 Exercises
6-12 weeks
  • Start open chain type exercise/PNF/gentle resistance
  • Continue with stretches to all planes of movement
  • Discard sling
  • Level 3 Exercises
3 months +
  • Progress to heavier lifting and unconstrained ROM
  • Ballistic activity

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