Arthroscopic Anatomy

A Gupta & L Funk

Since the beginnings of shoulder arthroscopy, much development and advances have proved this to be a useful diagnostic and surgical tool for the orthopaedic surgeon.

It is the only imaging modality that allows the internal anatomy of the shoulder to be directly visualised in the living patient, whereas other imaging techniques allow shoulder anatomy to be viewed from an outside-in perspective.

The introduction of shoulder arthroscopy has meant “…that a thorough knowledge of normal anatomy and its variants are especially important in order to differentiate normal from pathological findings”. 

Unfortunately their is no single comprehensive literature source of all the normal and anatomical variants of all the structures seen at arthroscopy from the posterior portal.

We therefore undertook a review of all the available literature, collated the data and then undertook our own study of 132 normal glenohumeral joint arthroscopies. We compared our analysis with an extensive review of the glenohumeral anatomy in the literature. We also identified many previously undescribed variants.

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