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Shoulder Ultrasound Book

The only comprehensive pocket guidebook to ultrasound scanning of the shoulder for clinicians.

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Based on the succesful ShoulderScan ultrasound courses the book covers all aspects of ultrasound relevant to the shoulder.

Authors: Lennard Funk (Shoulder and Upper Limb Surgeon), John Leddy (Physiotherapist and Sonographer), Jonathan Harris (Muscoskeletal Radiologist), Tim Bunker (Shoulder Surgeon) and James Brown (Sports Physician)

56 page pocketbook, with 58 colour images

ISBN: 978-0-9561396-1-0


Chapter 1: Ultrasound Physics - How it Works; Different Types of Reflection; Features of an Ultrasound Image; Enhancement and Attenuation; Anisotropy; Frame Rate; Artefacts; Safety

Chapter 2: Knowing the Machine

Chapter 3: Ultrasound Anatomy & Technique - Orientating the Probe; Holding the Probe; Applying Pressure; Positioning the Patient; Sequential Examination

Chapter 4: Recognising Pathology - Rotator Cuff Pathology; Bursitis / Subacromial Impingement; Calcific Tendonitis; Biceps Pathology; Acromioclavicular Joint; Other Pathologies

Chapter 5: History of Ultrasound Imaging of the Shoulder

Chapter 6: Shoulder Ultrasound Training for Non-Radiologists -Theoretical Training; Theory syllabus; Competencies to be acquired; Maintenance of skills; Shoulder Ultrasound Assessment Sheet


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